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CHC technicians deliver fast and reliable maintenance and repair services. Our technicians are trained and comply with social distancing, use protective gear and follow a very strict safety and disinfectant protocol. Safety first!

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        Special Offer: Top-Rated Furnace Maintenance $120 

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A skilled and licensed CHC HVAC technician will perform a full furnace check and identify problems that could lead to an expensive unit malfunction later on.

CHC technicians deliver fast and reliable maintenance and repair services. Post-inspection, we put your furnace through a test run to make sure it operates smoothly. CHC also provides an assessment report that includes furnace safety recommendations to increase the unit’s lifespan.

When you take proactive measures to maintain your HVAC system, you won’t be looking at costly repairs or replacements for years to come! 

Regular furnace maintenance inspections may also be required to keep your warranty valid! Don’t miss out. Book your service call today.

Furnace Maintenance Inspection Checklist

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We are very proud of our 24/7 fast HVAC service and looking to serve you as well. Our prices are affordable, our service is safe and professional and we have immediate access to parts when needed. Many of our first time clients refer us to their family and friends. Talk to us anytime, we are at your service in the GTA.

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